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We are an international news media, providing news with a European perspective to a worldwide audience through 12 cross-platform editions, of which with distinct TV channels.

Our philosophy

Our mission is to empower people to form their own opinion. We trust in people’s intelligence and ability to make up their own mind and seek to provide our audience with the greatest diversity of viewpoints through journalism that is unapologetically impartial.

We don’t trade in bias and outrage, we focus on facts, ideas, and solutions.

We believe all views matter.

We recognize our responsibility to cover our countries faithfully and we will challenge willful misrepresentations of these countries by other media, commentators or politicians.

Our audience

The seven million people who read The News-Europe each month are well-educated and well-informed. They have influential jobs in forward-looking sectors and an outward-facing perspective on life that makes them internationally adaptable. They want their news to be sourced locally, not delivered through the filter of a national news brand thousands of miles away.

Similarly, news desks around the world trust The News-Europe’s coverage as the basis for their own foreign news articles, regularly citing our reports and seeking guidance from our journalists.

Our editions

The News-Europe is digital-only. We publish news on nine country-specific editions and gather the best of our country content here on our international edition.


We believe in sustainable journalism informed by a close relationship with our audience community. Anyone can read a limited number of our articles for free but paying members can read everything we produce, including in-depth member-only content. Members are also invited to exclusive news, careers and social events. Membership costs 5 EUR (or 50 SEK) per month and you can sign up here.

Social media

We share our content on social media, through numerous accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.


Our app is available for download on Android or iOS devices.


Make sure you never miss a story by signing up for our weekly country or international newsletters here. We also send out themed newsletters with content that you won’t find in any of our other formats.

Advertising and communication

Some of the content you will see on The News-Europe is sponsored. We have proven that the best way for advertisers – in any sector and any country – to communicate with our audience is by giving them what they come to The News-Europe for: high-quality, informative content.

The editors, journalists and filmmakers in our Client Studio work closely with our advertisers to produce the content that we know is going to fly with our audience. Our social media team makes sure that the content is seen by exactly the right target group. The goal is always to facilitate a deep and effective relationship between our audience and our clients. It works.

Please contact us to find out more.

Our team

Spread across Europe, our international team reflects our international audience. We come from many different countries and have lived and worked in many more. See who we are here.

Our board and owners

The News-Europe was founded in 2002 by Sonja and Alice McCALL. Today the company is independently owned by private and institutional investors. Roughly 30% of the company is owned by members of staff.

12/June/2012 Update

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