Bishop Anatole Milandou recognizes China’s performance


In a context where China’s attention is focused on the total success of the Winter Olympic Games which will take place in Beijing, the Congolese press approached the Archbishop of Brazzaville, Anatole Milandou to collect his appreciations on China, a strategic partner of Congo. The Catholic Church man who had already received the two doses of the Chinese vaccine seized the opportunity to urge the Congolese population to be vaccinated because, according to him, it is the only way to reach collective immunity.
Speaking about the cooperation between Congo and China, he said that the cooperation between the two countries has been for a long time. This partnership is very profitable for Congo, he continued.

“I think China is a great power to be reckoned with. Its experiences are beneficial to everyone. Whatever one may say, we cannot do without China at present,” said Bishop Milandou.
Appreciating the donation of various kinds made by China to several countries during the health crisis related to this pandemic, he praised the invaluable and interesting efforts made for the Congo by this great power(China).
Speaking about the Winter Olympics to be held in Beijing, the capital of China, the man of God wished the global event every success.
Addressing the national component of vaccination against Covid-19, Anatole Milandou said it is not normal to distrust the recommendations of doctors relying only on the miracle of God, because it is he (God) who put intelligence in man.
“It’s true that misinformation has grown, especially with all that is being said on social media, but I think we are obliged to be vaccinated,” he said during an interview with ACI.
As of August 5, the total number of doses administered in Congo is 255,988, i.e. 160,945 people who have received the first dose and 111,788 people fully vaccinated. Vaccination has been deployed in all the country’s districts/Divisions, he mentioned.
Since March 14, 2020, Congo has recorded more than 13,200 cases of coronavirus, more than 12,630 cured patients, 472 active cases and 179 deaths, for a case fatality rate of 1.35%, so mentioned the Bishop. (ACI/Grace Dinzebi)

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