CIIE contributes to building open, innovative world economy

Vessels are being unloaded at a terminal of Yangshan Deep Water Port, Shanghai, Oct. 25. Many of the vessels carry the products to be exhibited at the third China International Import Expo. Photo by Ji Haixin/People’s Daily Online

By Hou Lulu, People’s Daily

As the world’s first import-themed national-level expo, the China International Import Expo (CIIE) is a perfect platform for promoting international innovation and cooperation. The new products, technologies and services emerging at the event have forcefully vitalized global collaboration.

Pascal Bizard, chief operating officer and senior vice president of Decathlon China said that the company is a direct beneficiary of the CIIE which promotes global innovation and cooperation.

He shared with the People’s Daily a story about its fully-autonomous inventory robot – Tally. Decathlon joined the first CIIE in 2018 as a buyer. “We were then looking for a solution to our digitalized global new retail concept. It was at the CIIE, we reached a cooperation agreement with a smart robot company, and Tally was thus developed in just 10 months,” Bizard said.

A year later, Decathlon participated in the second CIIE as an exhibitor and unveiled the smart robot Tally for the first time in the world, attracting global attention. In January this year, Tally was put into service in a retail store of Decathlon in Shanghai. “We will keep investing in innovation and seeking open whole-industrial chain cooperation,” Bizard noted.

A number of products finished their debut at the CIIE, including Aeromobi’s flying car, a huge machine tool with a precision of 4 microns, and an ultra-wide angle fundus camera exhibited at the first CIIE, as well as the world’s thinnest and shortest insulin injection needle, a pulverizer of construction waste, and an erasable laser system showcased at the second CIIE.

It is reported that the third CIIE will establish a platform for exhibitors to debut their products, and dozens of launching ceremonies are expected to be held during the event. Enterprises will join the event with new products, technologies and services, and over half of the products will finish their world debut at the third CIIE.

On Oct. 23, the first exhibit of the third CIIE, a W380CR cold in-place recycler manufactured by German company Wirtgen Group, arrived at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), the venue of the event. The machine, weighing 52 tons, can seamlessly regenerate a 3.8-meter-wide, 30-centimeter-thick asphalt pavement in a single pass. Wirtgen Group, coming to the CIIE for the first time, will highlight its innovative technologies and products in green road construction and maintenance.

“Facing the challenges posed by COVID-19, people’s demand for medical innovation, such as genetic testing, as well as drug and vaccine development, has drastically improved,” said Zhou Hong, general manager of Roche Pharmaceuticals China. The company is expected to exhibit a series of hotspot products of public health at the third CIIE. “As an important platform for multinationals, the CIIE has established a bridge of communication between enterprises and government, and among enterprises,” she said, adding that innovation has no border, and shall be advanced in cooperation.

“At the CIIE, innovation not only is showcased by products and technologies, but also can create spillover effects, which demonstrates the benefit of innovation and cooperation, and promotes communication in innovative technologies,” said Kamran Vossoughi, president and CEO of Michelin China.

Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic once noted that nothing drives innovation as greatly as trade does. When the world is preparing for the fourth industrial revolution, China has achieved many successes in technological development, he said, adding that technology is bringing the world closer.

Countries must join hands to respond to the common challenges faced by mankind. No country is able to become an independent innovation center or exclusively enjoy the results of innovation. Innovation shall be used to benefit the whole world, rather than being a treasure buried deep in a cave. China cannot develop alone, and the world’s prosperity also needs China’s efforts. The country will keep pursuing development with doors wide open, actively join and promote global innovation and development, and share the results of innovation with the world.

Photo shows Decathlon’s fully-autonomous inventory robot – Tally. Photo from

Vessels are being unloaded at a terminal of Yangshan Deep Water Port, Shanghai, Oct. 25. Many of the vessels carry the products to be exhibited at the third China International Import Expo. Photo by Ji Haixin/People’s Daily Online

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