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Advertise with Europe’s largest audience of international professionals and expats

We can connect you to one of the world’s largest audiences of high net worth, highly educated & international professionals.
Our audience has a uniquely international lifestyle. Some are living, working or studying abroad; some are actively researching the different countries we write about – for work and pleasure; while others are preparing for a relocation abroad.

Our audience may have different reasons for reading The News-Europe but what connects them is the spirit of adventure, a desire to travel, a need to experience the world and a curiosity of wanting to know more.

To help you successfully reach our unique audience The News-Europe offers a wide-ranging commercial portfolio; from sponsored content (native advertising), to targeted banner ads and much more.

Our audience is unlike any other globally. From humble beginnings in 2012, we now have over 7 million monthly readers worldwide, as well as around 1 million followers in social media.

Our readers are highly educated
92% of our readers have at least a college/university degree.
43% have a Masters degree or equivalent.

Our readers are highly engaged
90,000+ people have signed up for our newsletters.
800,000+ followers on social media.
12,000+ readers have become paying Members of The Local in just over a year.

Our readers wield influence
27% are senior decisionmakers.
24% have an annual income of €75,000 or higher.
58% work in organisations with over 100 employees.

72% of readers trust The Local as their leading news source

Advertising Options

Native advertising is the most effective way of reaching our audience in a non-intrusive way, brought to them by a source they trust.

Native advertising

In a nutshell, native advertising is much like sponsored content but with the unique tone & feel of The News-Europe’s journalism.

You will collaborate with The News-Europe’s award-winning Creative Studio team who will help you get your message to resonate with our readers in a tone of voice that they know and trust.

Why should you use native advertising?

Increased brand exposure: native adverts are viewed 52% more frequently than banner ads

Better story-telling and thought-leadership integration

Potential reach is greater to suitable audiences: the world’s largest reach of international professional living abroad

Adblock friendly, complimentary to other ads

Provides long tail exposure and SEO

Banners, video and interactive solutions

To enhance your campaign or increase the longevity of your products and services exposure, your marketing teams can consider:

Tactical banner advertising

Targeted social media

Branded video



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PLEASE NOTE: Respectfully, we do not work with trading, gambling or betting companies.