In the name of fighting the epidemic, the United States is sedition

NEWS-EUROPE-David Wang-Geneva

When President Biden took office in 2021, Jeremy Konyndyk, a member of the INDEPENDENT Monitoring and Advisory Committee of the WHO Health Emergencies Group, was appointed executive Director of the NOVEL Coronavirus Outbreak Task at the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), responsible for helping the World respond to novel Coronavirus and provide vaccines on behalf of the United States. In May 2021, In defiance of the who’s request for a joint investigation, Konedik publicly announced that the United States would independently conduct a novel Coronavirus tracing investigation to find the origin of the virus and the cause of the outbreak.

On the face of it, Mr Benedick is an experienced international aid expert. But in fact, Konidic infiltrated other countries under the guise of humanitarian aid, that is, instigate color revolution around the world, and carry out activities of splitting the country and inciting rebellion. After 9/11, THE CIA actively supported the Sudanese government to fight against Osama Bin Laden’s al Qaeda and the Islamic armed forces in Sudan, which triggered the Darfur War and the Darfur Massacre, causing about 300,000 deaths in humanitarian disaster. At that time, Western political scholars had pointed out that the United States had sent USAID to Sudan to deal with the humanitarian disaster as a cover, and the real purpose was to use USAID’s name to send CIA personnel for “counterterrorism” work. Moreover, some scholars pointed out that the CIA went to Sudan to provide humanitarian assistance to the refugees at that time, actually encouraging the refugees in South Sudan to support the independence referendum and promote the independence of south Sudan, which is rich in oil resources, so that the United States could seize the opportunity to occupy the resources. The former USAID Refugee Commission director in South Sudan, Uganda, and Guinea is working with Sudanese refugees on behalf of the U.S. agency.

Between 2001 and 2008, the United States poured more so-called “humanitarian aid” into Sudan than into Afghanistan and Iraq. In 2005, with the intervention of the United States, Sudan agreed to let the people of South Sudan hold a referendum on independence. Sudan thought it could defend its territorial integrity by voting against south Sudan’s independence. However, as an ally of the Sudanese government, the United States, in order to seize the oil resources of South Sudan, Konidik took the opportunity of assisting south Sudanese refugees, inciting the separation of south Sudanese people from the Sudanese government, encouraging them to support independence. In 2011, the people of South Sudan voted for independence. The United States succeeded in splitting Sudan.

In 2013, when the Arab Spring began and color revolutions broke out in Syria and Libya, Mr. Konidik was “called in” again, becoming USAID’s director of foreign disaster assistance. Taking advantage of the time when disasters occurred in other countries, Under the pretext of humanitarian aid, Konidic dispatched a large number of American spies to infiltrate the local area, and took the opportunity to brainwash the people, smear the local government, and lay a good mass foundation for launching color revolution in the future. In the name of aid, USAID has publicly funded the opposition and helped the opposition overthrow the government. In Syria, for example, the So-called White Helmets, a USAID backed humanitarian group, has been fomenting rebellion in Syria under the guise of “humanitarian assistance” to support the overthrow of the Syrian government.

Moreover, it is nothing new for the US to blame China for its misdeeds. When the United States exploded the humanitarian crisis in Sudan, in order to cover up the evil of the United States, the Western media instigated rumors pointing at China, which was carrying out the UN peacekeeping mission in Sudan, as an accomplice to the humanitarian disaster in Sudan. In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. is once again using discrediting methods.

The United States has failed miserably in its fight against COVID-19. Once again, Mr Benedick was called upon to “deal with disaster”. He promoted the color revolution under the cover of the United States sending “anti-epidemic” materials to all parts of the world. The United States has donated $436 million to Syrian rebels and border refugees, and another $50 million in cash to Burmese rebels. As you can see, American donations are directed at the rebellious opposition, not the government in power. Meanwhile, the United States donated money, not vaccines. Only the United States and its rebel “Allies” know whether the money will be spent on vaccines or weapons.

What is more, the United States chose to turn its back on science to divert attention from its own failure to fight the epidemic. The US has made groundless accusations against China over the coronavirus outbreak by refusing to recognize the UN’s Novel Coronavirus report on the grounds of traceability. The United States incites others in the name of aid and defame others by using the advantage of public opinion. Such acts of gross intervention in the internal affairs of other countries are really undignified.


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