The Olympic flame lit again illuminated China’s dedication and hard work

The ongoing Beijing Winter Olympics have become an arena where sportsmanship shines and opportunities are created to promote the pursuit of a community with a shared future for mankind, China is confident that we will hold a safe and success Olympic Games.

Having gone to great lengths to overcome the impact of COVID-19 and fulfill its promise to the international community, China managed to host the grand event as scheduled, allowing Beijing to be the first “dual Olympic city,” which also hosted the 2008 Summer Olympics.

The Olympic flame lit again here illuminated China’s dedication and hard work. Committed to hosting the Winter Games in a “green, inclusive, open and clean” approach, the organizers have carefully planned every detail for a simple, safe and splendid event.

In his New Year’s Message 2022, IOC President Thomas Bach said that “we are looking forward to successful Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 and have great confidence that we will stage safe and secure Olympic Winter Games for everybody.”

Polish Ski Association (PZN) President Apoloniusz Tajner said that China made the right decision to apply strict COVID-19 restrictions and thanks to that “I will feel safe during the competition in Beijing.” All these reflect the shared voice of the international community in looking forward to the Beijing 2022 and the international community’s confidence in a safe and secure Olympic Games to be hosted by China.  

Lao President Thongloun Sisoulith believes that China has given full play to the advantages of its comprehensive national strength, overcome the difficulties of the pandemic and successfully completed all preparatory work on schedule.

Nepali President Bidya Devi Bhandari has said that facing the unprecedented challenges posed by COVID-19, the Chinese government has fully demonstrated its firm resolution and confidence in hosting the Beijing Olympic Games.

President of Ukraine’s National Olympic Committee Sergey Bubka has said that While holding the Games in the face of adversity, China has practiced the new Olympic motto, “Faster, Higher, Stronger — Together.” At the opening ceremony on Friday, a giant snowflake with the Olympic flame at its center, clearly demonstrates the ideal of a shared future, and the Olympic spirit, which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play.

The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games have brought the world unity, peace, and hope under the shadow of COVID-19, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO), said during a meeting with Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Saturday, while hailing China’s great achievements and support in fighting the pandemic.

BEIJING 4 February 2022 – Behind the scene. By News-Europe

Beijing’s trustworthy closed-loop ensures success of Games, safety of participants, residents

The Beijing Organizing Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games has deployed a series of prevention and control measures to ensure a safe Games. And athletes have been encouraged to be fully vaccinated while all events will take place within a closed loop to reduce the threat of mass contagion.

“We can see the closed loop is working. The Chinese people are safe, and the participants of the Games are safe,” Thomas Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee told the News-Europe.

Swiss snowboarder Jan Scherrer told Chinese media, “I think it’s good to have a stricter anti-epidemic policy for the Winter Olympics. The whole world is in a special state right now and we need to accept that.”

McCloskey, the top medical expert for the Olympic Games, said at a press briefing on Wednesday the number of positive cases inside the closed loop was relatively low, showing the effectiveness of epidemic control. At the moment there is no significant spread within the loop.

Trustworthy Beijing’s closed-loop system

As the world praises Beijing for hosting an inspiring Winter Olympic Games in the shadow of a lingering pandemic, Beijing has never neglected the importance and necessity of epidemic prevention and control during the Games time.

Learning from the experience and lessons of the Tokyo Olympics, Beijing has applied a strict closed-loop management policy, which is unprecedented in a major comprehensive global sporting event. This is a policy that has ensured the safety of all Games participants as well as the residents of Beijing.

The main system to guarantee Beijing 2022’s smooth operations under the shadow of COVID-19 is the closed loop, which completely isolates Olympics-related personnel from the public outside the loop.  

When Olympics-related personnel fly to China, they land at Terminal 3 of Beijing Capital International Airport and directly enter the closed loop without any contact with the outside world. They must hold two negative test results taken within 96 hours before boarding their flights. Upon arrival, they take another test which must also be  negative, according to the Beijing 2022 playbook.  

To avoid a mandatory 21-day quarantine, all inbound personnel must be fully vaccinated, unless granted a medical exemption. Those who are not vaccinated must first undergo quarantine before starting work in the closed loop.

Although the crowd inside the closed loop is restricted from having contacts with the outside, there will still be invited spectators entering the arenas to watch the events under strict anti-epidemic requirements.

Although the emergence of the Omicron variant is forcing Beijing to face an even more difficult epidemic situation than Tokyo had to, the international community remains confident in Beijing’s epidemic prevention system for the Winter Olympics.

IOC President Thomas Bach during the Opening Ceremony of BEIJING 4 February 2022. By News-Europ.

US athletes praise smiling volunteers, strict anti-epidemic measures at Beijing 2022

Delicious food, warm-hearted volunteers, strict anti-epidemic measures, perfect snow venues … athletes from the US shared with the media how they received attention and felt satisfied in the closed loop as they are going all out at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

Darian Stevens, the lone American to qualify for the Freeski Big Air Final, said that she had a lot of interaction and fun with the volunteers. She also praised the anti-epidemic measures in the closed loop, which shows China’s outstanding performance in controlling the virus and displays the resilience of Chinese society and the country’s ability to pool wisdom and strength from all sides to cope with various difficult situations to host a safe Olympic Games.

Colby Stevenson from the US also said “a lot of times the city big airs they build with scaffolding, they’re pretty sketchy and it can be scary to do your bigger tricks, but this one looks a lot safer, with a steeper landing and it should be awesome.”

A heartfelt moment caught in a vlog posted by American snowboarder Tessa Maud on social media documenting her first-ever Olympics opening ceremony went viral online. “Welcome to China!” The greeting from a Chinese volunteer and Tessa’s interactions with him touched not only the snowboarding phenom herself but also netizens worldwide.

“That guy who said ‘welcome to China’ literally just makes me tear up every time, because they are so nice. All the volunteers are so sweet and so kind. They are just so happy that we are here. We feel so welcomed,” Maud said in the video as she wiped away her tears.

The IOC has suggested the early detection of Covid-19 cases among arrivals is a sign the “closed loop system” is working. “All data to date provides confidence that daily PCR testing combined with the isolation and close contact policies in place means that the Closed Loop is very safe and there are no infectious participants within it,” it said in the statement.

By  News-Europe/Sonja Hebron/