Xinjiang cotton: why it is so hard to find out the truth about forced labour claims

Video:The Truth Xinjiang Cotton

The Chinese authorities have so far refused to allow diplomats or independent investigators to look into allegations of human rights abuses
The issue has become yet another flashpoint between China and the US, further complicating the situation.

International pressure against China over its Xinjiang policies has gained traction in recent months, with China criticised over the treatment of Uygur Muslims in Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region. China has denied allegations of forced labour and detention. We look at the issues in this series.

China has become increasingly forceful in its defence of what state media calls the “pure, white and flawless” cotton produced in its far western region of Xinjiang amid a growing international storm about forced labour. charges Beijing has vehemently denied, insisting they are lies manufactured by anti-China forces.

Source: SCMP

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