Trump administration has put together ‘war plan’ to ‘take down’ CCP: Steve Bannon

News-Europe Update: 21 July 2020, Steve Bannon said the president’s “kind of war council” has laid out the “four horsemen of the apocalypse” — National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien, head of the FBI Christopher Wray, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and then Attorney General William Barr — against the Chinese Communist Party.

US President Donald Trump,has a ‘coherent plan’ against the Chinese Communist Party. This ‘war plan’ against China includes supporting allies in India on the borders of ‘Chinese-occupied Tibet,’ Steve Bannon Weighs in on Trump’s China Strategy said.

WASHINGTON : The Trump administration has put together a “war plan” to first “confront” and then “take down” the Chinese Communist Party, said Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon.

This “war plan” against China includes supporting allies in India on the borders of “Chinese-occupied Tibet,” Bannon said.

“You’re seeing an integrated war plan put together to confront first and then take down the Chinese Communist Party, to call their bluff,” he told Fox News in an interview.

Bannon said the president’s “kind of war council” has laid out the “four horsemen of the apocalypse” — the national security adviser, head of the FBI, the secretary of state, and then Attorney General Barr — against the Chinese Communist Party.

The US National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien, FBI Director Christopher Wray and Attorney General William Barr have delivered three major speeches in the last three weeks. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is slated to deliver a speech on China later this week.

“Those four individuals laid out an integrated and coherent war plan to confront the Chinese Communist Party on technological and information war and economic war, and then, with our allies, start to open up the South China Sea, and support our allies in India on the border of Chinese-occupied Tibet,” he said.

President Donald Trump, he said, has a “coherent plan” against the Chinese Communist Party

“I would like the secretary of Treasury to join in there, and Treasury to start to drop the hammer. But you have seen a coherent war plan. I think you have just got to get that same level of coherence on the Chinese virus that’s here, the CCP virus that has come to the United States,” he asserted.

How to Ruin a Superpower–Steve Bannon Weighs in on Trump’s China Strategy. Washington’s status as a superpower has been declining for years. Trump’s handling of the pandemic is killing it off.

Why Steve Bannon would fuel Donald Trump toward victory

“The Trump campaign is dead.” “Voters are getting tired of his outrageous statements.” “Joe Biden has an insurmountable lead.” The 2020 narrative is like 2016 all over again. But there is a significant difference between then and now, and it is that Donald Trump no longer has Steve Bannon.

Think back to the lowest point of the 2016 Trump campaign. One month before the election, the Access Hollywood tape was leaked to the press in that blow to the Republican candidate. Any traditional campaign manager would have advised Trump to issue an apology and grovel before a hostile media. But Bannon instructed Trump to stand his ground. He knew that far more important than innuendo and “locker room talk” in an old tape was a fundamental understanding of the mindset and needs of the voters.

As chief executive officer of the 2016 Trump campaign, Bannon captured lightning in a bottle. For a 2020 Trump campaign beset by leaks, appeals to ungettable voters, and the damage from the coronavirus, only Bannon can bring in the missing spark. It might be hard to catch lightning twice, but the president cannot afford to leave out the only person of his first campaign who pulled off an unprecedented win four years ago.

Consider the current media landscape, which forces Trump to respond to claims that American society is racist and to coverage about coronavirus cases exploding in red states. While Trump struggles to find his message, it is Bannon who has the finger on those issues most important to Trump voters. Listen to his War Room podcast for a better idea of what the 2020 Republican bid must talk about. Bannon knows the threat from China and the loss of American jobs. Instead of Trump fighting the culture war over race, or arguing about masks, he should take control of the narrative and speak to the blue collar workers who sent him to victory.

Steve Bannon attempted to unify European nationalist parties 

The U.S. far right, a nationalist and racist movement, is now trying to go global itself. American groups have targeted European elections to try out online misinformation tactics ahead of the 2020 US presidential election.

Over the past three years, American activists have butted into European online debates ahead of major elections with doctored photos of politicians and inflammatory online posts around hot-button issues like immigration and climate change. They’ve created misleading partisan websites pretending to be news outlets, honed their social media trolling tactics and encouraged local voters to share misinformation, including about the novel coronavirus.

American nationalists’ European vacation

In boosting a populist European candidate, or getting a particular social media hashtag to trend ahead of an election, U.S. activists sought to piggyback on European political debates and divisions to create online propaganda to boost their world view for voters in the U.S.

Despite a groundswell in the volume of American-made misinformation in Europe, activists’ Steve Bannon efforts largely failed to sway public opinion, according to online campaign analysts, hate-speech experts and policymakers who have tracked the growth of American digital activists operating in the EU over the last four years.  U.S. They are more focused on using European elections for their own domestic-level policy and political campaigns.

Americans like Steve Bannon, Trump’s former White House chief strategist, also tried to export U.S.-style online tactics across the Atlantic in hopes of uniting European right-wing groups like Italy’s League party and Le Pen’s National Rally in France, though, as CNN reported.

Steve Bannon’s Trisulti monastery project still faces challenges

Brussels Diplomatic spoke with Italian Member of Parliament Nicola Fratoianni ( Si-Sinistra Italiana): “Since long time Mr. Bannon is trying to associate several European populist and right wing parties, a cultural, economic and social right wing project that is also supported by the internal opponents of Pope Francis that are against the social message of openness and welcoming of the migrants just to give an example. This way of doing politics I think is regressive also from the cultural point of view, I think this is dangerous political operation that we should oppose. I think that at the moment Europe and the entire would needs policies that are exactly the contrary of what the modern populists, like Bannon, are promoting. We saw also that during the Covid pandemic in countries with similar populist ideas like the one of Boris Johnson, Bolsonaro and Trump, the management of the heath crisis was a disaster.”

Italian Member of Parliament Nicola Fratoianni said, In Italy there is nothing that we should follow from the political doctrine of Trump, the fight he engaged on environmental issues, the Paris agreement and the groups fighting for against the climate change. Also on the individual rights, on the recent cases of racism against Afro-Americans in the US, Trump has a position in this context which is dangerous and regressive because his tolerant attitude towards the white supremacy ideas. according to the brusselsdiplomatic Journal.

News-Europe Laura Ruiz y Trullols contributed to this report.

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