UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and EU leaders to hold Brexit video summit Monday

London and Brussels must decide by July 1 on whether the transition period should be extended.
By NEWS-EUROPE DAVID, It starts with Monday’s online meeting between UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and EU institution leaders (the president of the European Council, Commission and Parliament).I know you’ve seen countless “make or break summits”, so many “deadlines” come and go, so many threats of “no deal” that came to nought.

So here is an attempt to try and help navigate what’s spin and what you should be looking out for. More insights – including deal-making tips from a professional hostage negotiator – in my podcast here.

First off, Brexit has, of course, “happened”. The UK left the EU at the end of January. But we’re not yet living the next chapter. The transition period we’re in means that, in practical terms, little has changed. The UK is still a member of the EU’s single market and customs union. The UK isn’t going it alone, just yet.

EU leaders will confer by videoconference with U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson about the state of Brexit negotiations on Monday, June 15, EU and U.K. officials said Thursday.

Talks have been virtually deadlocked, and the sides are facing a July 1 deadline by which a decision must be taken on extending the U.K.’s stand-in-place transition period. Johnson and his government have repeatedly insisted they do not want to extend the transition, which ends on December 31.

The U.K. had been pushing for a meeting later in June, after EU leaders meet for a virtual summit on June 19. But in the end, they settled for the earlier date preferred by the EU side.

A U.K. government spokesperson confirmed the news: “The High Level Meeting between the Prime Minister and [European Commission] President von der Leyen, [European Council] President Michel and [European Parliament] President Sassoli will take place by video conference on the afternoon of Monday 15 June.”

They added: “The UK and the EU have agreed an intensified timetable for FTA negotiations in July. This new process will involve a mix of formal negotiating rounds and smaller group meetings, both in London and Brussels assuming public health guidelines enable this. There will be talks each week of the 5 weeks between W/C 29 June and W/C 27 July.”

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson | By NEWS-EUROPE DAVID W. 11-06-20, 13:33 PM Updated

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